Patient Information

What do I have to bring to my first consultation?

  • Copies of your results on Blood tests and imaging scans eg. ultrasound, CT scan, etc
  • Referral letter from your GP
  • Medicare / DVA / Pension Card
  • Health Fund information

Billing and Payment options

Payment is requested at the time of your consultation. This practice accepts cheques, eftpos and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa).

Should surgery be required, a booking is only made after receipt of signed consent and the 'booking fee', which is a deposit placed on your pending surgery.

On call arrangements

Whilst I am away at conferences, I have locums covering my absence and reciprocal arrangement as when they are away.

The locum specialists are Dr. Peter Ganter, Dr Pauline Joubert and Dr. Namrata Bajra.

In addition, we will rotate 1 in 4 weekends and cover for each other. Therefore, I cannot guarantee to be present at your delivery.


If you have any vaginal bleeding or problems related to your pregnancy, telephone the practice on 07 3217 8801. I will return your call as soon as I am able to.

Alternately, you can attend or ring the Birth suite at the Wesley Hospital on
07 3232 7221.

For medical emergencies, ring 000.

If you have any medical problems not directly related to your pregnancy, please contact your local GP in the first instance. If he/she feels the condition is related to your pregnancy and requires my involvement in its management, he/she will contact me.

What is the Pregnancy Management Fee?

This is the item: 16590 on your invoice.

This is a fee charged by obstetricians for management of pregnancy payable after 20 weeks gestation.

This covers your obstetrician or his/her locum being available for emergencies which may arise during your pregnancy.

Delivery fees for uninsured patients

Item no: 16519

The delivery fees is $2500.

There would also be fees applicable to a paediatric service, hospital stay and anaesthetic services.

What is the Medicare Safety Net?

This covers a range of doctor visits and tests that you receive out-of-hospital. e.g. GP/Specialist consultations, Ultrasounds, Pap Smear, Blood Tests, CT scans, X-Rays.

Having surgery, seeing a doctor or having a test when you are in hospital are not covered.

You can register online or pick up a registration form from your local Medicare office.

What is extended Medicare safety Net (EMSN)?

The EMSN provides additional rebate for Australian families and singles who incur out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital services. Medicare will pay for 80% of any future out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital services for the remainder of the calendar.

Every family or individual situation is different. The annual EMSN threshold can vary yearly. Please enquire with the local Medicare for your situation.

In hospital services are not eligible for EMSN.

What is EMSN benefit Capping?

EMSN benefit capping means that in some Medicare Benefit Schedule items, there is a maximum amount of EMSN benefits payable, regardless of the fee charged by the doctor.

Currently, these items are:

  • All obstetric services, some pregnancy related ultrasounds and all assisted reproductive technology services.

For more information, visit: Australian Government Health Website